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Waste Food Management and Donation App

Received Date: May 06, 2022 Accepted Date: June 10, 2022 Published Date: June 13, 2022

doi: 10.17303/jcssd.2022.2.204

Citation: Prudvish B, Lavanya D and Poornima B (2022) Waste Food Management and Donation App. J Comput Sci Software Dev 2: 1-6

We are seeing a ton of waste in India, including food, which requires the requirement for a noble cause as far as giving. This article presents ‘Giving the Food,’ an original electronic device that permits clients to give extra food to any altruistic association. It depicts the current gift framework and how the proposed item functions for the government assistance of society, as well as the inspiration for growing such an application. The item has been shown to be a valuable device for giving things to good cause and different associations through the web. It exhibits the chance of lessening food squander. The item endeavors to address the issues of beneficent associations by tolerating gifts over the web.

Keywords: Food Management, Food Donation

The application will provoke the client/benefactor to enter their data into the framework, after which the individual will actually want to login and give items. Likewise, organizations can make a record on the framework and afterward post their thing necessities. A contributor can likewise see the rundown of things set up by searchers and, if conceivable, give something similar. Essentially, searchers can see the rundown of articles set up by benefactors and, if vital, contact the provider to guarantee the gave thing. The proposed application's key objectives incorporate lessening food waste and making food, in addition to other things, accessible to halfway houses, advanced age homes, and different associations, as well as imparting benefits of dividing and awareness between people.

We are seeing a critical expansion in food squander nowadays, and numerous associations and shelters are enduring significantly because of an absence of food and different necessities. In India, yet in numerous different countries also. To resolve these issues, we are fostering a Food Donate application.

To redress the issues in the current framework we are fostering an android application which contains the benefactor and the coordinator. By this it is simple for the contributors to observe the foundation and giver can give the assets which are in accessible and the coordinator can likewise pick the assets which are required for the association.

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Hardware Requirements

CPU Type : Intel Pentium 4
Clock Speed : 3.0 Ghz
Ram Size : 8 GB

Software Requirements

Operating System : Android
Language : ANDROID SDK 2.3
Front End : JAVA
Back End : MYSQL
Server Scripting : PHP
Documentation : MS-Word

By the fostering an android application which contains the benefactor and the coordinator. By this it is simple for the givers to observe the foundation and contributor can give the assets which are in accessible and the coordinator can likewise pick the assets which are required for the association.

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