Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutic Oncology (JCRTO)

ISSN No: 2332-2403


David J. Riese II

Gilliland and Franklin Professor
Harrison School of Pharmacy
Auburn University
Tel: (334)-844-8358


Dr. David Riese received a PhD in Genetics from Yale University, where he investigated the oncogenic activities of papillomavirus genes under the tutelage of Dr. Daniel DiMaio and demonstrated that the PDGF receptor signaling pathway is required for transformation of fibroblasts by the Bovine Papillomavirus E5 protein. He subsequently pursued postdoctoral training in Pathology at Yale University, where he studied interactions of EGF family peptide growth factors with ErbB family receptor tyrosine kinases under the tutelage of Dr. David F. Stern. He then joined the faculty at Purdue University, where he was affiliated with the College of Pharmacy and the NCI-designated Center for Cancer Research. Since 2010 he has been the Gilliland and Franklin Professor of Pharmacal Sciences at the Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy, where he also holds the position of Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs. Dr. Riese's laboratory continues to study signaling by EGF family hormones and ErbB family receptors, with a focus on the EGFR/ErbB1 and ErbB4/HER4 receptor tyrosine kinases and their growth factor ligands.

Research Interest

ERBB4 and Epithelial Tumors, EGF Family Hormones, EGFR Mutants and Human Malignancies