Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutic Oncology (JCRTO)

ISSN No: 2332-2403


Julian J. Lum

BC Cancer Agency
University of Victoria
Tel: (250)-519-5718


Dr. Lum has PhD from the University of Ottawa in Microbiology and Immunology where he studied the regulation of death receptor-mediated apoptosis of CD4 T cells. His work focused on TNF-Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand (TRAIL) during HIV infection. In 2003, Dr. Lum pursued post-doctoral training with Craig B. Thompson at the University of Pennsylvania where they studied how metabolic stress regulates autophagy and consequentially T cell function. Dr. Lum was recruited to the BC Cancer Agency in 2008 where he is studying the interplay between the tumor microenvironment and the immune system. He is studying how autophagy is regulated and whether metabolic conditions can skew T cell differentiation, function and memory T cell generation. Finally, his laboratory is interested in understanding how radiation therapy impacts the anti-tumor response in prostate and ovarian cancer. Dr. Lum is a CIHR New Investigator and holds grants from CIHR, CRS, DoD, Genome BC, and local cancer charities and organizations. Keywords: Autophagy, T cell immunotherapy, radiation treatment, T cell metabolism, angiogenesis, hypoxia, tumor metabolism.

Research Interest

Cancer Metabolism, Tumor Immunology, Autophagy, Memory T cells